A mysterious Sherlock Holmes:The Hound of Baskervillae and the vallley of Tear

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Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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The fans of SHerlock Holmes cannot afford to miss the two most amazing mysteries The Hound of Baskervillae and The Valley of Fear.

The Hound of Baskervillae tells the story of American Sir Henry Baskervillae, the heir to a considerable estate after the death of Sir Charles Baskervillae.The local people are convinced that Sir Charles’ death was not an accident.According to a West Country legend, ahung demon dog roams the moors and seeks an ancient vengeance against the Baskervilles. Sherlock Holmes is invited by a certain Dr.Mortimer to investigate the matter for the benefit of Sir Henry.What happens next? s Sherlock Holmes able to see through the family curse?

In the Valley of Fear, John  Douglas is  found in his study blasted faceless with a sawn-off shotgun. There is no obvious motive or suspect. Despite Douglas’ nightly ritual of raising the  drawbridge, a perpetrator succeeds in concealing himself, shoots Douglas, and makes a clean gateway. How  does Holmes unfold this mystery? Read this exciting adventure and find out the brilliant tactics of the super detective Sherlock Holmes.

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