Last Adventure of Sherlock Holmes:The Sign Of Four And His Last Bow

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Author:Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Get hold of holmes two most amazing adventures The Sign of four and his Last bow in this edition.

“The Sign of Four” is a soild Crime Thriller of the Victorian era.Holmes applies his powers of deduction to a remarkable case involving Mary Morstan.When Mary Morstan receives Pearls beyond price and a mysterious message from an anonymous source, How does Holmes uncover the mystery will itself be a mystery for readers till the time they readthis marvelous book.

“His Last Bow” the fourthj of the five collections of Holmes short stories is worth reading and appreciating.The title is besed on the final story of the same name,which portrays the retired Holmes active in bee-keeping, and emerging from retirement only to protect English secrets during the First World War. The general themes of the book are:scaremongering, kidnapping, theft & treachery.


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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


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